Global markets are changing rapidly in Fashion Industry thanks also to digitalization of trends and consumption patterns.

The competitive playing field is being challenged by companies of all sizes from all corners of the world in response to the consumer’s rapidly changing requirements, tastes and purchasing models. In addition, the aggressive global distribution sector comprising colossal retailers and online giants continues to gain market share and negotiating power in all areas of the industry, leaving those unprepared trailing far behind and losing business. In order to survive and prosper fashion companies/brands need to enter more deeply inside international markets to stabilize the turnovers and develop the brand equity.

Entering new channels means focusing on different distributional channels from home, where each Brand can leverage their know how and competitive advantage. We believe that the winners will be the ones that will have a balanced wholesale-monobrand network at geographical level and at the same time an omni-channel approach particularly in more remote territories. NectConsulting can assist in developing all the channel (e-com, franchising, Key Accounts and wholesale) in complicated and emerging markets where the local expertise is more than important: its mandatory.

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We offer

Nect Consulting | Export Consulting Network | 1
Local Market entry strategy
Nect Consulting | Export Consulting Network | 2
International sales expertise
Nect Consulting | Export Consulting Network | 3
Brand positioning analysis
Nect Consulting | Export Consulting Network | 4
Strategic market intelligence
Nect Consulting | Export Consulting Network | 5
Omnichannel evaluation
Nect Consulting | Export Consulting Network | 6
Partner selection and management

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